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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Useful Links, Blogs and Other Sources

Writing electronic music is a technical and complex process involving lots of different elements. It's important to keep learning as much as you can at all times, or the act of making music becomes boring, rigid and repetitive.

Here are some sources that have helped me with a range of valuable news, information, tutorials, and other tools along the way. Many of the below sources I subscribe to as RSS feeds using the free Google Reader application. Although you don't have to this particular RSS feed reader, I would highly recommend you use RSS technology as it allows you to centralise all sources that you learn from in the one place. Otherwise checking these and other sites regularly, then bookmarking or emailing yourself links to articles you want to keep would be the way to go.

Some of these sites are also good for samples if you dig deep enough. If you run a blog or know of any useful links, let me know (email link is on the top right hand side of my blog page) and i'd be happy to share it here.

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