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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Free Music

Couple of new tunes, freshly mastered by Bob Macc at Subvert Central Mastering up for grabs... 

I highly recommend Bob Macc as a mastering engineer, apart from being a really nice guy and great to do business with, he is excellent at what he does, especially in the realm of drum and bass given his considerable years of experience within the genre. He has had many releases on different labels, alongside the likes of artists like Fracture of Fracture and Neptune, as well as drumfunk master Paradox which some of you may know as Alaska, his other alias. His mastering service is low cost compared to what others charge, but the end product doesn't compromise on quality at all.  if you wanted to get in touch with Bob Macc, go to the Subvert Central Mastering website, here

Anyways, tunes are linked below. If you listened to them before and liked them use these links go download them. If you haven't checked them out go have a listen. 

My tune "Entropy" will be featured on Neurofunkland's YouTube channel shortly... You can check this channel out by using the following links. It's a really good way to stay up to date with whats going on in the darker recesses of the drum and bass scene, some quality tunes there.


That's all for now, until next time...


  1. fuckin TASSTY thankyOU!!!

  2. artwork is tasty as fuck too

  3. Tunes are sounding heavy Niwun, keep 'em coming!