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Friday, 19 December 2014


Perfection is an elusive idea at best, and downright destructive at worst. There exists music and art that captures an idea or mood very well, and is equally as well executed. However perfection, even if you believe you see it in such works, doesn't exist. As my old man once told me, Voltaire summed this up really well by saying "...The perfect is the enemy of the good." You believe that you see perfection everywhere and you want to emulate this, however this is an ultimately fultile excercise. Becoming a perfectionist means that you will strive for something that is unnatainable and ultimatley you will stall any progress. Imagination becomes censored and our ideas stale.

It's far better to concentrate on the journey and whatever happy accidents occur along the way.
After all, creativity is dependent on seeing connections where normally there wouldn't be any, and combining ideas that haven't been combined before. A quest for perfection is not compatible with that mindset. So you might be asking how can you get into this mindset, and away from strident perfectionism? I would suggest going back to basics. Make a conscious decision to avoid perfectionism. Learn new behaviours and ways of thinking that take you away from perfectionism. Just as you became a perfectionist, you can just as easily undo this mindest with a little conscious effort. It will soon become automatic.

Try focusing on things you wouldn't normally. Focus on workflow, and gaining an insight into how you make your decisions when compiling a peice of music. Work with what you have instead of longing for more. Simplify, and concentrate on building momentum. Put yourself out there, something of value might come back to you. Don't be afraid of taking chances and reaching out to people. Focus on your reasons for making music, as well as the process, rather than the end product.

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