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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Resumption and Restatement of Purpose

I'm wrtiting in this blog again today after a six month haitus. I've commited myself to coming back to this series of articles or whatever you'd like to call it in June 2015 and we're here. I thought a good way to resume wrtiting articles on music production on a weekly basis and discussing the various challenges that come with it would be to start talking about habits around your creative process, as this forms one of my own habits. I've talked extensively about this before, but it bears repeating some of the key points.

- What are some of the habits that you have around making music?
- Can you identify your bad habits?
- Is there a better way to structure and guide your approach to making music?

Human beings are creatures of habit and routine. I'd strongly suggest that you get into a creative routine if you aren't already. While a routine can in some instances be sapping, it's better to have one and be making some, indeed any progress, than it is to wait for something as fickle as inspiration. You may not feel like making music all of the time, however if you make an effort to at least do a certain amount of music every day, at least you are progressing towards your goal or an end point.

Incremental daily progress, often slow and small, is precisely what produces the greater whole. Being reminded of your daily progress consistently is one of the best ways of maintaining your discipline. Without a robust set of habits, and an enjoyable creative routine, there's no incremental daily progress to begin with, and you'll simply succumb to the gnawing self doubt that plagues all artists.

Moving on from this discussion, i'd like to go further than just taking about this blog and how it forms part of my creative routine to discussing in more detail it's purpose. While I like writing about music production, and I certainly hope there are people out there that benefit from any techniques or insights into the creative process that I might provide, it's worth stating here that the primary purpose of this blog is as a tool for myself as a musician. This ties in with my own habits personally. Self reflection forms a huge part of my learning process, and god knows in a field as diverse as music production you're always learning. This blog and the body of knowlege within it is a way of documenting my learning. A way of helping me ensure I am constantly making progress, and as i've mentioned, part of my creative routine.

With that stated, i'll be back every week with any new or useful techniques and insights that I learn or discover. Stay tuned.

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