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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ideas for Getting Plays and Exposure

Right so this week i'm going to detail some ideas on how to get a few extra clicks on the latest tune you finished when you finally put it up on Soundcloud or elsewhere online. This isn't by any means an exhaustive list, but just encompases a few ideas that you can use to get some extra exposure.

1. Do the groundwork.

In the week or two weeks before you post up a song that you want to spread far and wide, do some groundwork. First of all let people know that a new song is coming and they should be excited for it. Try and generate some interest if you can, although this is often easier said than done, unless you have an already established fanbase. What is a good idea at this point however is to contact a few producer friends and secure an agreement from them for reposts on a variety of social media platforms and music sharing services. Furthermore you should do as much as possible to build up your followers in the 3-4 weeks before posting a crucial peice of content. Follow people so that they follow you back, post regularly (even if it's unrelated content) in the weeks leading up to your upload.

2. Cross post and curate your content.

Get on as many different platforms as you can when it comes to upload time. Cross promote and ensure there are links to your other work, website, blog or whatever. Post up interesting content, for example a video on Youtube synced to your new piece music, a cool 30 second clip on Instagram, that sort of thing. Call in those reposts you asked your producer friends for previously and get them to help you get some momentum behind your new piece of music. You can return the favour later.

3. Choose the correct timing.

This can be crucial, the difference in the amount of plays you get at different times of the week is quite drastic. This is true of any site, for example on Reddit posts are mnore likely to reach the front page when posted at certain times of the week. Peronally i've found that Friday morning is a good time to post, somewhere around 11.00am local time. This is because a lot of people are just starting to think about the weekend at this point, and they have a lunch break coming up. If they want to get in the mood for the weekend by listening to some music at work, they may choose your tune if it's got enough exposure. This works for me but is by no way the be all and end all, and might work differently in other genres or places.

4. Use appropriate tags.

There's nothing more annoying than searching for content using a tag and finding unrelated content. Choose tags and hashtags that are appropriate. Find say 10 tags that fit well and use those, that should be plenty for those people looking to find music on any online patform. Don't avoid using tags, these are invaluable.

5. Send your tune to DJ's, blogs and people who you think might be interested. 

Sending your tune to a few local DJs might be a good way to generate some interest. You may be lucky and get some of them to play your music out. I've had some of my music played on radio through doing this. You could also send your music to a few local producers who might be more established than you. They can at the very least give you feedback, however be careful with this, and make sure that what you are sending is of sufficient quality, otherwise you'll look like an amateur. Remember it's really hard to be objective about your own music. Same goes for blogs, you might be lucky and have someone feature your music, however make sure you are ready, in an objective sense.

6. Collect email addresses.

Anyone who shows interest in your tune you should find a way of getting their email address. Wether that's through a signup form or whatever, this will allow you to buld a database of contacts. When it comes time to promoting your next piece of work, and in particular repeating some of the steps listed above, you'll havce a list of email adresses to help you with this.

7. Make use of groups.

A number of platforms like Soundcloud and Facebook allow groups, which are commonly centered around music styles. Find these and post your music here. Like minded people will be in these groups looking for material to listen to, or to play out at a gig and that sort of thing. If you have a paid account on Soundcloud it will allow you to post a track in up to 75 groups. Make full use of this.

8. Follow up.

In the week after you've posted, follow up. Repost your song to groups to keep the content at the top (be wary of annoying people by spamming if you are doing this on Facebook or similar platforms) and follow up with another post promoting your music. You could at this point include a Youtube link or link to another platform that what you originally posted to provide some sligtly different content.

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