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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Optimism as a Key Component of Creativity

Next time that you are in the creative zone, where ideas are flowing and you are progressing towards finishing another track or a similar type goal, stop and take stock of your mindset. What are the mental processes going on in that moment? You'll quickly realise that a lot of what's put you in that current mindset has to do with a sense of optimisim, a feeling that you are progressing towards something. So why is this aparent feeling of optimisim vital to creative flow? And perhaps more importantly, how can you kindle your optimisim and feel like you are making some progress towards whatever goals you have?

In response to the first question, a feeling of optimism is important, because it isntills a sort of confidence. You aren't overly critical or even aware of what your doing when you are in this sort of headspace. You're happy, relaxed and just ever so detatched from your creative process. Because you are focusing on the bigger picture and whatever goal it is you are working towards, your attention isnt so much on the detail. You are able to paint in broad brushstrokes as it were, leaving the detail to be filled in later much as a painter might approach working on a portrait or something similar. Progress is quicker and you have momentum.

As to how you acheive this state of mind, that's somehting much harder to quantify. Below are a few ideas that you might find useful, as I have personally. Your mileage may vary as everyone is different.

- Meditation;
- Reading, or anything that allows you to use your imagination and takes you out of the present;
- Noortropics and some supplements can help with this, for example L Tyrosine or L-Tryptophan;
- Anti depressants if you need them;
- Writing in a diary or any other way of expunging negative thoughts;
- Sensory deprivation;
- Healthy diet and excercise (I've found that for me personally this doesnt have any effect);
- Collaborating and general social interaction with friends / family, talk about your progress;
- Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and drugs (see my other article on producing sober);
- Experimenting and changing your methods to make sure you remain absorbed and interested.

Try some of these out if you haven't. Squash any negative thoughts or learn to identify when you're overthinking something. Be otimisitic and ensure you are progressing towards your goals by whatever means you find necessary. Your progress will then feed your optimisim and reinforce your creativity leading to more output.


  1. Insightful and relevant. Thank you!

  2. No problems, glad it helped! Any feedback on what I write here is most welcome, share the blog if you like the article :-)