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Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Dream

Originally posted in /r/BlackPeopleTwitter, I think this bears repeating here. Author unknown. 
The Dream
No matter what you put into it, at a certain point you have to realize that the majority of the people that "make it" are the ones that get put on. Not every one will get to be the somebody they feel they should be.
For most people they've simply been surrounded by the dream. Ever since they were young... The stories, the fame, the celebrity, the gossip, the worship... They grew up with it, fucked around and watched too many Kanye interviews and now they've been seduced by the dream:
"...Damn Kanye, he's just like me... I can do this shit too. Fuck he's inspiring the shit out of me. Fuck the haters. I just got to grind."
It's the same shit. This is the dream that funds the spectacle. The humble beginnings and struggle stories of your favourite artist keep you hyped and attached to the pursuit of the dream. It's a mindfuck. It's an intoxicating idea. And a perverted desire. You really don't need it. What for?
Get away from it all for a second. Unplug your headphones. Get away from the screens. Unplug from the celebrity culture and entertainment industry. Look up at the stage. Quit being a fan. Quit sitting in the audience. You don't have to audition. You don't have to be on stage. Just leave the damn theatre.
It's a very unhealthy idea to feel that you must make a career out of your creativity. You don't have to "make it". You don't have to become a professional entertainer. Let go of it.
Become a better artist for its own sake. Because it feels good to share creations with your friends and family. Gather around with other humble creatives. Don't expect anything. Have fun with it. Entertain your circle. Jam out in the garage, around a campfire, wherever. Make it a daily practice. Get better, and if it develops into something more, let it. But let that not be the goal. Build a foundation where you have an internal and independent sense of value and purpose. And a community of creatives that can do cool shit.
This way, you're not chasing a dream; you're living a life of inspiration.

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