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Monday, 21 December 2015

Quick Tip for Drums In Ableton's Updated Sampler

Hey Everyone,

Last post for 2015, and last post for a while, as I'm leaving to go overseas shortly.

Before I leave I wanted to share a cool trick that I found playing around with one of the instruments that Ableton saw fit to update with version 9.5, the Sampler. Now you'll have noticed that not only the Sampler instrument, but also Simpler, Auto Filter and Operator all now come with expanded filter types.

The various algorithms available and what they correspond to are listed on Ableton's website, here.

In short, there are various forms of distortion that can be applied to any sound in Sampler, as well as a clean version of the same filters that you'd find in EQ Eight. As a result there is also a drive control that "...Can be used to add gain or distortion to the signal before it enters the filter." So next time you are programming drums, put your kick and snare sounds in Sampler, and add some distortion in Sampler before your sound goes through EQ, compression and any other processing that you might use. The result is a slightly thicker, denser sound to your drums that may work well in the context of your track and the samples that you are using.

If you can, get your hands on an analgoue sampler, such as an Akai 'S' series or an EMU. By clipping the analogue to digital converters at the input stage, you can do something quite similar to what I mentioned above. This rectifies the waveform, and when blended with the original waveform, has the effect of making the drums feel denser and like they have more impact.

Hope you find that somewhat useful. Have a great Christmas, looking forward to 2016.

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