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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Going Through Old Projects

Just a quick tip this week, centered on the value of going through old project files. I personally know of a lot of producers that do this, as it's a really useful way to kickstart your creativity. Not only will it bring you back to the mindset that you had when you were originally making that track, which is great for getting into a creative mindset, but if you are stuck for ideas you almost certainly will come across something in an old project, whether it's a lead, a drum loop or whatever, that you'd like to re-use and explore more. You can build on what you did earlier, adding and changing the texture of your sounds and melodies, and this can often spark an idea for a new project.

Furthermore, sometimes you may come across a project that still holds up to you standards today, maybe not in terms of a mixing perspective but at least from the point of view of an idea. This means you can take the whole project file and either remix or just re-work the mixdown of your old project. There is a certain sense of satisfaction in going back to an old project that maybe wasn't executed as well as you might've hoped at the time that you wrote it, and breathing life into those ideas, re-imagining them and showcasing them once again. Get digging through your hard drive and see what you can find!

Just a word of warning, personally I find that I need to let a fair amount of time pass between working on a project and going back to it, we're talking years here. You don't want the memory of what was going on in that project to be too strong, just enough to spark some creativity. In short, you don't want to place too much focus on what you did wrong the last time, particularly if the track is unfinished, as this will work against you creatively.

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